The project Dhawani 2020 (Gift of hearing) is an initiative by Rotary Cochin Metropolis with the mission of providing a solution to the needy with hearing impairment. Dhwani is aimed to provide all sorts of assistance for the hearing impaired person including hearing aids, cochlear implant surgeries, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Surgeries (BAHA), depending on the need of the individual.

The first phase of Dhawani was launched by Rtn. Chitra Ashok, Assistant governor on July 1, 2020 under the leadership of Rtn. Dr. George Kuruvilla (ENT surgeon). The project has been started with five students aged between four and ten of Fr. Agostino vicin’s special school, Mundamveli.


This special school is exclusive for hearing impaired with aim to guide the hearing impaired community towards the main stream of life just like any others. During the assortment stage, an audiology team had visited the school to evaluate the hearing and speech capabilities of the children. From detailed audiological assessment and with the recommendation of school principal, Sr. Deepa Joseph we had selected 5 most deserving candidates .


On the inaugural day, the selected candidates were distributed with the suitable hearing aids and they will be provided speech therapy free for an year. All these children are from a very low socio-economic background. The project is funded by individual Rotarians of the club and looking forward to extend the benefits to more individuals in the future.